"at the basement door"

music video | a l i g n

producer: guyJULIAN / tonyHOPE / ericPETERSEN

director: guyJULIAN

cinematographer / operator: ericPETERSEN, s.o.c.

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day session in El Mirage
night session in the studio

the ride home

toby windsurfing

the happy jay on a beautiful day

our guardian angel and inspiration

dir. guy julian watching over the day's last shot
toby wallwork working the playback

guy working the shakey cam

toby blown away from high winds

working the last shot of the day

the band: align

lead singer: jeremyJESSEN

guitar: mattPAYNE

bass: johnMcEWEN

drums: mattROESCH

assit. camera / gaffer: jayTRUESDALE

playback: tobyWALLWORK

grip/electric: bret

production assistance: steve

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